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Customised Air Cleaning Solutions


Cooking contaminants

Cooking activities create a host of pollutants such as grease, smokes, oil mist , and cooking fumes varying from 0.1 micron to 50 microns. (1 micron = 1/1000mm). It therefore requires an effective air cleaning device and the use of RydAIR Electrostatic Air Cleaners is by far the most efficient one!


F & B outlets of different sizes may have one or more cooking hoods. The model and quantity of RydAir Electrostatic Air Cleaner (EAC) depends on the amount of air to be extracted and exhausted and this in turn depends on the size and number of cooker hoods in each outlet.

RydAIR has several models to cater to each application, from unit for single hood application and to multiple hoods with multiple modules of EAC. Small single hood application requires smaller airflow and the use of EACs with built in blowers can be considered.

Odor Control

For effective odor control the use of Activated Carbon Bank is highly recommended. (Sizing principle is 40 kg of carbon pellets for every 3600 Cubic Meter per Hour of air or for each CMS).

Alternatively, the use of UV Ozone lamps can also be considered if space does not permit. However, do be mindful not to allow the excess ozone to be drawn into the indoor facility.

  • Single Hood Kitchen
  • Multiple Hood Kitchen


RydAiR products are very versatile and are designed in such a way that it can be either used as self contained units or incorporated into ducting or exhaust system of the premises. RydAiR products typical application are:


Commercial Buildings


Health Industry

Food Services