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Customised Air Cleaning Solutions
  • Ducted FG Series for Kitchen Exhaust
  • Portable Ozone Generators

For larger commercial and industrial Odour Control Application, the FG series is a logical choice, producing up to 25,000 mg of ozone per hour and handling up to 25,000 CMH per unit. (For heavier odour problem, a ratio of down to 0.25 factor may be required. That is the air handling capacity is reduced to mitigate heavier odour).

The FG unit pumps Ozone into the main exhaust duct via an aluminum duct (100mm in diameter). The Ozone reacts with the odour pollutants & microbes oxidizing & sterilizing them in the process and finally reverting to normal O2.

The FG Ozone generators are commonly used in Bin Centre, Food Processing Areas, Kitchen Exhaust Systems and other industrial applications where odour is a problem.


RydAiR products are very versatile and are designed in such a way that it can be either used as self contained units or incorporated into ducting or exhaust system of the premises. RydAiR products typical application are:


Commercial Buildings


Health Industry

Food Services